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Tianmu dried bamboo shoots are refined from fresh bamboo shoots, known as "clear and fresh in the world" and "A in the fruit sparse", of which the most famous is stalagmite dry. The traditional varieties are "Baoxing, flat tip, fat tip, bald tip, small tip, straight tip", etc. According to different tastes, they can be divided into light dried bamboo shoots, salty dried bamboo shoots, and multi-flavor dried bamboo shoots that can be eaten directly as snacks.

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Tianmu dried bamboo shoot is a specialty of Lin 'an District, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province, and a geographical indication of national agricultural products.
On April 30, 2020, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, PRC officially approved the registration and protection of "Tianmu Dried Bamboo shoots" as a national agricultural product Geographical indication

Tianmu dried bamboo shoot growing area is located in the inland basin of Tianmu surrounded by Qingliang Peak to the west of Linan and Tianmu Mountain range to the north of Hangzhou. The texture is tender, the form is complete, the shape is flat and curved; Charcoal roast salty, clear fragrance, no other odor. Tianmu dried bamboo shoots are fresh, crisp and have a unique taste of dried bamboo shoots.

This product is made of local fresh spring bamboo shoots in Tianmushan Conservation Area. Every year in April and May, it is the peak season for bamboo shoots. We will go up the mountain to pick them, and then use the most primitive method to save the bamboo shoots with salt for a whole year.

Nutritional value: green, fat and tender, fragrance, beautiful taste, thin shell, thick meat, tender quality, fresh with sweet. Product ingredients: protein, fat, sugar, calcium, phosphorus, iron and other nutrients. Tianmu dried bamboo shoots are refined from stalagmites in Tianmu Mountain, Zhejiang Province. Due to the unique natural conditions, the stalagmites produced in Tianmu Mountain are thin in shell, fat in flesh, white in color, tender in quality and sweet in freshness. The dried bamboo shoots of Tianmu Mountain are green with fragrance and delicious in taste, containing cellulose, sugar, calcium, zinc, iron and other beautiful ingredients

Production process: 1. Artificial removal of bamboo shoots. 2. High temperature cooking in brine sterilization. 3. Bake the bamboo shoots until they are half dry. The dried bamboo shoots produced by this technique retain the crisp freshness of fresh bamboo shoots.

How to eat: Tear or cut the dried bamboo shoots, rinse them with cold water, then soak them, change the water twice in the middle, remember to soak more water, remove the salt, and then make according to personal taste, you can stir fry, duck stew, hot pot, cold mix, etc.




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